SYMCO is a holdings company with Subsidiaries, Trusts, and Investments


SYMCO Holdings Company is a company organized with the intention of acquiring equity ownership in other companies. Some companies owned entirely (100 percent interest of another company acquired) are referred to as a wholly owned subsidiaries of the SYMCO Holdings Company. SYMCO Holdings Company may also elect to acquire less than 100 percent ownership, but own majority control of the other entity so it can oversee the operations of the company.

The terms “holding company” and “subsidiary” are used to describe the financial, managerial, legal and governing relationships between different types of business organizations, including corporations and financial institutions. SYMCO Holdings Company is an entity formed to buy and hold the majority of stock of other companies; a subsidiary is a business whose majority of stock is owned by SYMCO.

Trust Company Definition

A trust company is a business or firm that has a fiduciary, agent or trustee relationship with SYMCO. The trust company oversees the management of whatever assets a grantor -- the creator of the trust -- encompasses in the trust arrangement. These companies often are used when a grantor feels the trust company can do an equal or better job managing the assets than an individual person, or if the grantor does not know of anyone else who can act as trustee.